Horse Creek Damolition Video Project
Northern Santa Barbara County, CA
Video frame still of primer cords going off just prior to the damolition of Horse Creek Dam.

Stoecker Ecological owner Matt Stoecker is co-videographer and co-producer of what we believe to be the first dam in southern California to be removed with explosives to provide fish passage and ecosystem restoration. Because of the unique method of fish passage removal the production of this video case study is being funded by and produced for the California Department of Fish and Game in conjunction with Thomas B. Dunklin Productions and with additional support from American Rivers/NOAA Fisheries. The final short documentary will be completed by the end of 2007, following post dam removal monitoring. The video will be shown at several upcoming conferences and film festivals and incorporated into an upcoming dam removal case study video project.

“Now see the video trailer by Thomas Dunklin and Matt Stoecker, with music by Ivan Kupala (Russian Techno Grannies), Click here!”

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