Aquatic insect sampling. Stonefly nymph, Corte Madera Creek

Biological Assessment:

  • Habitat Assessment (Aquatic/Riparian/ Upland)
  • Population Data (Presence/Absence, Abundance, Distribution)
  • Historical Research and Compilation
  • Underwater Surveying
  • Salmonid Habitat Assessment and Ranking
  • Remote Sensing
  • Aquatic Invertebrate Sampling
  • Aerial Surveying

Project Management:

  • Project Development
  • Design Coordination and Planning
  • Alternatives Analysis Development
  • Landowner Outreach
  • Agency Coordination and Permitting

    SE managed the permitting, design, and implementation of this flashboard dam modification and notching project to improve fish passage and maintain the productive rearing habitat in the downstream pool. West Union Creek, Woodside CA

  • Project Implementation Management
  • Post-Project Monitoring
  • Technical Report and Grant Writing
  • Public Speaking
Fish Passage Evaluation and Project Implementation:
  • Migration Barrier Identification/Assessment
  • Barrier Ranking and Prioritization
  • Restoration Recommendations/Feasibility
  • Fish Passage Project Management
    (See "Project Management" services)
Photography and Videography:
  • Aerial (Airplane and Helicopter)
  • Underwater Photography and Video
  • Remote Photography (Infrared Trapping)
  • Documentary Film Production
Underwater salmonid population surveying and photo-documentation. Steelhead fry shortly after emerging from spawning gravels. Absorbed yolk sac bulge still visible on the belly. Big Sur River, CA
Aquatic insect sampling.
Caddisfly larvae grazing on boulders in
the Smith River, CA
SE managed five different contracts and collaborated with over a dozen agencies and other stakeholders over the course of five years to see through the removal of Horse Creek Dam on a tributary to the Wild and Scenic Sisquoc River. Here’s the dam in its final moment as the primer cord and explosives go off. Steelhead trout and other native aquatic species now have access to over 19 miles of habitat upstream of this former migration barrier.
Aerial photography. Mouth of San Francisquito Creek and San Francisco Bay from SE designated pilot Bob Stoecker’s airplane.
Scuba assisted trout and salmon population count for the Smith River Alliance.
Topsmelt and Shiner Surfperch. San Francisco Bay natives.
Bear claw markings on an alder tree
along Sespe Creek reveal a
history of bear occupation
in the area.
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